The Simplified Moving Button and Dead Button Rules in Texas Holdem

Let's have a quick recap of the fundamental rules of the Texas Holdem poker game. First, there are the forced bets like antes and blinds. Then there is the play of hands where players get to know the pre-flop, the flop, the turn, and the river. Each of these has betting rounds where the players can call, raise, check or fold. Next in line is the showdown where the winner will be determined.

Once poker players get to know all these different basic and fundamental rules in Texas Holdem poker, it is but right for them to understand the more advanced aspects of the game. These complications usually happen in isolated cases that are uncontrollable. With the help of these rules, the game would be in order, under control, and free from any irregularity all the time.

The more advanced rules in Texas Holdem poker include the simplified moving button rule as well as the dead button rule. In cases wherein players in the blinds leave the game, these are the most known rules that are put into effect. The simplified moving button rule is most of the time used in online Texas Holdem poker cash games. On the other hand, actual Texas Holdem poker cash games use the dead button rule in such cases.

In the simplified button rule, the button will also go to the next player available in the rotation once the player with the button leaves. The small blinds as well as the big blinds will then follow. As always, the small and big blinds can be found at the left side of the dealer button. But in this case, the dealer button will never be missed. There is at least a single player from all those remaining which will have the dealer button. On the other hand, the blinds may be missed if the seats next to the dealer button are empty.

By knowing this rule, the poker table would still be orderly even after some players have exited from the game for whatever reasons they might be. That's what rules are for after all, aren't they. Order is very important in cash games such as Texas Holdem poker. Another important rule to know in this game is the dead button rule.

Just like the simplified button rule, the dead button rule is also used to give proper order after some players have moved out of the game. However, this rule is more often used in actual Texas Holdem games that involve cash. The rule basically goes like this. The big blind bet will be assigned to the one who is about to put it. The dealer button as well as the small blind bet may be situated in vacant seats. There would only be a single big blind bet for each hand. When the small blind bet lands on an empty seat, the small blind bet would be nullified for that hand.