The Play of Hand in Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem poker has been widely played these days. This poker variant has been used a lot in private and home tournaments, charity tournaments, as well as the tournaments of big poker events like the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker. By far, it has been the greatest poker variant to have ever been devised. The number of players participating in such tournaments can attest to this very fact.

The play of hand in Texas Holdem poker is quite simple. It is not that complicated as it looks like. Once players become aware of the rules of this game, they can start out competing with all the other poker enthusiasts out there. Players need to be equipped with the all the right and basic knowledge such as the play of hand to keep going. Lack of information would end up players in misery while playing.

The game basically starts with all the players on the table being dealt with two cards than are unexposed to the rest of the people at the table. These individual cards would be the only cards that will be given to the different players. The rest will serve as community cards that are shared by all the players at the table. Every player can use these community cards, together with that individual's cards, to form the best five card combination possible.

The individual cards will only be known by everyone else present at the table after the showdown has taken place. In short, the Texas Holdem game can be described as a close game. This makes the game very exciting. No wonder this game replaced the seven card stud as the most loved poker game in casinos and other gambling establishments in many parts of the world.

The game begins with the so-called pre-flop betting round. This will be started by the player which is situated at the left side of the big blind. This action will then push through in a clockwise rotation. Another round of betting will pursue after until almost all of the players have been eliminated in the game. In these succeeding rounds, some of the players may have raised or folded in the process. It is very important to remember that in this round, the blinds are very much in effect.

After all the action has taken place and there are still two or more players who have not yet folded, a flop will be dealt by the dealer. There will be three common cards that would be opened at the middle for all the remaining players to see and use. After this action, the second betting round will ensue. The flop betting round will then be followed by the dealer giving out the turn or the so-called fourth street.

After the turn has been dealt, a third betting round will take place. If there are still two or more players remaining in the game, the last community card is to be dealt by the dealer. This is called the river while others refer to it as the fifth street. This will have the fourth betting round. If ever the game has yet to be decided after the river betting round is over, a showdown is therefore necessary to determine who the real winner is.